Not at all!  While it is terrific for those who are overwhelmed and living in a cluttered home, it is designed to meet you where you are and improve on already working systems in your home. Maybe you already meal plan but are looking for more great, time-saving cooking ideas.  Or perhaps, your closets are in order but too packed and you need a way to reduce the clutter.  Or, it’s possible that your house is already Instagram-worthy but you are always looking for better ways for cleaning or storage.  Whatever your needs in regard to home, calendar or cleaning, chances are One Cupboard at a Time can support you.
The best part about One Cupboard at a Time is that everything is done on your schedule.  Each week new material is available for you to work through at your own pace.  Many of our members set aside time before bed to work on a different section or split the material into sections and work on them one time per week.  If life gets busy, you can always go back and work on things when life calms down.
Within 24 hours you will receive your log in information and access to everything available at your level of membership.  The guest workshops and weekly office hours will be announced via email and in the private Facebook group for members.
We get it!  Sometimes life happens.  Email support@susanjnelson.com and we’ll work it out.
While we don’t regularly suggest meals for those with dietary restrictions, we often share resources where you can find meal ideas that fit your individual family needs.